Republic of Hungary Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Hungary is______________.

a) Brussels.

b) Bucharest.

c) Budapest.

2. The subway of Hungary was ______________ inaugurated in the world.

a) thirdly

b) secondly

c) firstly

3. Hungary is about ______________ times smaller than Japan.

a) 1/4

b) 1/3

c) 1/2

4. Hungary is surrounded by ______________ countries.

a) 4(Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia)

b) 7(Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine)

c) 10(Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Czech, Bulgaria and Poland)

5. Hungarian currency is ______________.

a) Sum

b) Som

c) HUF

6. Hungaryfs national flag has three symbols; red is blood, white is purity, green is______________.

a) Nature

b) freedom

c) hope

7. About 52% of people believes ______________.

a) Islam

b) Protestantism

c) Catholicism

8. There is a culture of______________ just like Japan in Hungary.

a) hot springs

b) yukata

c) Fireworks

9. Production of wine is prosperous, and ______________ wine is famous.

a) Tokaj

b) Beaujolais

c) Bordeaux

10. In Hungary, there is the production of ______________ for a long time.

a) foie gras

b) truffe

c) caviar



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