Iceland Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Iceland is ______________.

a) Canberra

b) Reykjavik

c) Oslo

2. Iceland has the northernmost capital in the world, and is the ______________ mainland European country.

a) northernmost

b) easternmost

c) westernmost

3.Iceland is as large as the area that merges Shikoku with ______________.

a) Honshu

b) Kyushu

c) Hokkaido

4. The Icelandic flag has a _______________ background with a red stripe on it, with the red surrounded by white.

a) blue

b) black

c) green

5. About ______________ % of these people live in urban areas of the country.

a) 39

b) 93

c) 53

6. Iceland is called gCountry of the ______________h.

a) fire

b) water

c) electricity

7. ______________ forms about 82.5% of their energy.

a) Thermal power

b) Power of the atom

c) Hydroelectricity

8. The area of the forest of Iceland is ______________ % of the country.

a) 3

b) 0.3

c) 40.3

9. Reykjavik is said to be gBeautiful city of ______________h.

a) air

b) landscape

c) road

10. In Iceland, they take their father's ______________ and place g-sonh or g-dottirh after the name.

a) middle name

b) first name

c) family name

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