Italy Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Italy is _________.@@(Hint: QQQQwas not built in a day.)

a) Ferranti

b) Rome

c) Venetia

2. There are ______states in Italy.

a) PT

b) QO

c) QT

3. _______________ started in Ferranti in the 14 century.

a) The Renaissance

b) Industrial Revolution

c) Glorious Revolution

4. The biggest Cathedral in the world, _______________ is at the entrance of Vatican City, the smallest country in the world is in Rome.

a) Santa Maria del Fiore

b) Cologne Cathedral

c) Basilica di San Pietro

5. The basis of government in Italy is ___________.@@(Revised in 1946)

a) Republican government

b) Democracy

c) Monarchy

6. At the present, a monetary unit in Italy is ________.@@(Introduced in January, 2002)

a) Pound

b) Lira

c) Euro

7. The colors of the national flag of Italy are white, red and ________.

a) blue

b) yellow

c) green

8. Italy is like a _________ in shape.

a) hat

b) boot

c) pants

9. The present President in Italy is ___________.@@(From May in 1999)

a) Ciampi

b) Mussolini

c) Scalfaro

10. Masterpiece, ______________ is the Italian movie.@@(The winner of 99fs Academy Award 3 sectors)

a) Life is beautiful


c) Star Wars



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