Choose the correct answer.

1.______________city is the capital of Aichi prefecture.

a) Nagoya

b) Toyota

c) Toyohashi

2.The population of Aich Prefecture is the fourth in Japan at about ______________ persons.

a) five hundred thousand

b) seven hundred thousand

c) eight hundred thousand

3.Aichi has four adjacent neibors: Mie prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture and______________ prefecture.

a) Gifu

b) Yamanashi

c) Okinawa

4.The city of ______________is globally famous for a car.

a) Toyota

b) Toyohashi

c) Toyokawa

5.______________ is from Aichi and he is playing an active part in the Seattle Mariners.

a) Hideki Matui

b) Kazuhiro Sasaki

c) Ichiro Suzuki

6._____________is famous for the 18k gold plated figures of fish on the roof.

a) Kiyosu castle

b) Yosida castle

c) Nagoya castle

7.The fish is called ______________ .

a) Shatihoko

b) Shaoron

c) Doara

8.______________ is one of Nagoya's best-known sweets, a steamed cake made from rice flour and sugar.

a) Uiro

b) Nagoya Cochin

c) Miso Nikomi Udon

9.Aichi is the birthplace of the 3 military leaders who shaped Japan's pre-modern : Oda Nobunaga , ______________ , and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

a) Toyotomo Hideyoshi

b) Shoutokutaishi

c) Ashikaga Takauji

10.In 2005, ______________is to be held in Aichi .

a) the Expo

b) the World Cup

c) the Olympic


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