Akita Prefecture Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The population of Akita prefecture is about 1.17million, the area is about 11600sqkm, and the population density is _____/sqkm.

a) 51.3

b) 101.3

c) 201.3

2. The annual average temperature of Akita prefecture is ____ŽAand that is almost same as Seattlefs.

a) 8.6

b) 11.6

c) 15.6

3.Akita has a big festival called Kanto in August. Kanto Festival is famous for _____.

a) the largest mikoshi of Japan

b) the illumination on the city's river

c) many hundreds of lanterns on poles

4.Akita has the largest number of _____ in Japan.

a) suicides

b) old people

c) singles

5. The main product of Akita is ______, and that is named AKITA KOMACHI.


b) rice

c) meats

6.Kyoto, Kaga, and Akita, these three places are famous for _____ of Japan.

a) beauty

b) temple

c) tea

7. Local specialty of Akita is _____ made from rice.

a) Kibidango

b) Uirou

c) Kiritampo

8.Akita's bullet train _____ connects with Tokyo.

a) Hayate

b) Komachi

c) Hikari

9.Prefectural Flower of Akita is the butterbur scape (hukinotou), prefectural Tree is the Akita ceder, and prefectural Bird is the _____.

a) eagle

b) crow

c) pheasant

10. Akita prefecture is at nearly the same latitude as _____, and the latitude of akita prefecture is about 40 degrees.

a) Korea

b) Australia

c) Brazil



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