Chiba Prefecture

Choose the correct answer.

1.Chiba Prefecture has a land area of 5,156.05 square kilometers, making it the 27th largest prefecture in the country. It is larger than the total area of ______________ combined?D

a) Tokyo Metropolis

b) Kanagawa Prefecture

c) Tokyo Metropolis and Kanagawa Prefecture

2.The northwest is in contact of Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, and the north is in contact with ______________ Prefecture.

a) Ibaragi

b) Tochigi

c) Gunnma

3.The length of coastline amounted to about ______________, and shows the beautiful and diverse coastal scenes.

a) 100km

b) 500km

c) 1,000km

4. The population of Chiba Prefecture is the 6th largest in the country and the average age of 38 is ______________ youngest of all Japan.

a) 4th

b) 5th

c) 6th

5. ______________ was chosen as a prefectural fish as a suitable fish for the connection being deep to Chiba Prefecture, having a bright image in it, and symbolizing development of Chiba Prefecture.

a) THe bream

b) THe tuna

c) The salmon

6. Vegetable output is the ______________ in the country.

a) 1st

b) 2nd

c) 3rd

7. There is ______________ in Chiba Prefecture.

a) Korakuen Amusement Park

b) Universal Studios Japan

c) Tokyo Disneyland

8. The Tokyo AKUA line which crosses Tokyo Bay and connects Kanagawa and Chiba Prefecture is about ______________ km.

a) 10

b) 15

c) 20

9.Chiba Prefecture is in ______________ Peninsula.

a) Bousou

b) Isu

c) Miura

10.The prefectural capital of Chiba Prefecture is ______________.

a) Ichihara-shi

b) Hunabashi-shi

c) Chiba-shi

Chiba Prefectural Government

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