Ehime Prefecture

Choose the correct answer.

1. Ehime lies in the _________ part of the island of Shikoku, the smallest of the four major islands of Japan.

a) northern

b) southern

c) middle

2. With an area of _________ sq. km, Ehime is the second largest prefecture in Shikoku after Kochi and 26th size among the country's 47 prefecture.

a) 5,674

b) 56,740

c) 567,400

3. Ehime also has a population of approximately _________, the highest in Shikoku and the 27th place in japan.

a) 15,100

b) 151,000

c) 1,510,000

4. Prefectural Government, _________, is the largest city on Shikoku, with a population of over 460,000.

a) Takayama

b) Matsuyama

c) Hanayama

5. Mt. _________, Shikoku's highest peak, remains snow-capped till the end of April.

a) Isizuchi

b) Fuji

c) Yatsugatake

6. The climate is consistently mild and natural disasters are few. As a result the people of Ehime are said to be mild natured as symbolized by the name, Ehime, meaning "_________."

a) holy land

b) utopia

c) maiden

7. _________ was constructed from 1602 to 1627 by a famous samurai, Yoshiaki Katoh. It is known as one of three multi-wing castles, and attracts a lot of people.

a) Matsuyama Castle

b) Katoh Castle

c) Katsuyama castle

8. Ehime is the top producer of _________, so prefecture symbol flower is _________ flower.

a) pine-apple

b) mandarin orange

c) marmelo

9. _________ (hot spa) in Matsuyama is one of Japan's oldest spas. It is mentioned in many literary works, including Natsume Soseki's Botchan (1906).

a) Dogo onsen

b) Azuma onsen

c) Hori onsen

10. Ehime formerly known as Iyo was mentioned and admired in Japan's oldest poetry collection,the '_________'.

a) Kojiki

b) Nihonshoki

c) Manyosyu

Ehime Prefectural Government

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