Choose the correct answer.

1. _____ is included in Fukushima, Gunma and Niigata prefectures.

a) Nikko

b) Sendai

c) Oze

2.Date Masamune had taken the castle in 1589 of Tensho Era to rename it _____ Castle.

a) Tsuruga

b) Osaka

c) Edo

3.The prefectural capital of Fukushima is settled in _____.

a) Aizuwakamatsu city

b) Koriyama city

c) Fukushima city

4. The main industries are _____, machinery and textile.

a) food processing

b) fishery

c) forestry

5. The population is the same as_____.

a) population of Florida state

b) population of American prisoners

c) 8 times as many as baseball field seating capacity of Tokyo dome

6.Its surface is smaller than _____prefecture.

a) Iwate

b) Nagano

c) Nigata

7.Fukushima is the biggest _____ in Japan.

a) electricity supplier

b) water supplier

c) food supplier

8. The famous bacteriologist _____ was born in Fukushima.

a) Toyotomi Hideyosi

b) Ino Tadataka

c) Noguchi Hideyo

9.The prefecture is located in the _____ part of Japan's Tohoku region on the main island of Honshu.

a) southern

b) northern

c) eastern

10.Fukushima , Miyagi , Iwate , Aomori prefecture is called _____long time ago.

a) dewa

b) mutsu

c) izumo


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