Choose the correct answer.

1. Gifu is located about 250q west of ____, about 140q east of Osaka,and about 30q north of Nagoya

a) Hirosima

b) Akita

c) Tokyo

2. The capital of Gifu prefecture which is located in the center of Japan is ____.

a) Gifu

b) Toki

c) Takayama

3. The population of Gifu@prefecture is 2,109,013 and the area is 10,598sqkm. So, the population density is ____.

a) 52/sqkm

b) 314/sqkm

c) 199/sqkm

4. Gifufs forest cover about _____ of total land area, ranking it second in the country for forestland coverage in Japan.

a) 82

b) 55

c) 91

5. QQare a group of mountains which form a frontier between Nagano and Gifu prefectures.

a) The Central Alps

b) The Southern Alps

c) The Northern Alps

6. ____ is well known that the spectacle of Ukai (cormorant fishing) is held. (The fisherman manages the cormorants to catch fish in the light of flaming torches.)

a) Kiso river

b) Miya river

c) Nagara river

7. ____ is one of the three most beautiful festival in Japan. (The others are Gion Festival and Chichibu Night Festival.)

a) Takayama festival

b) Aoi festival

c) Nebuta@festival

8. ____ is the symbol bird of Gifu@prefecture which lives in high altitude. The name is derived from gclam rabbith.

a) Swallow(Tubame) (Tanpopo)

b) Owl(Fukurou) (Nanohana)

c) Lagopus mutus (Raicyou)

9. ____ who joined Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 and won a gold medal is from Gifu.

a) Naoko Takahasi

b) Hidetosi Nakata

c) Daisuke Matuzaka

10. One of the popular food of Gifu prefecture is ____. (Miso is burned and served on a houba.leave with minced green onion.)

a) Champon

b) Kiritampo

c) Houbamiso

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