Hiroshima Prefecture Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. What is the capital of Hiroshima prefecture?

a) Tokyo city

b) Hiroshima city

c) Sapporo city

2. Which one of the following shrines is categorized as the traditional Shinto Shrine architecture in Japan?

a) Yasukuni-jinja

b) Itsukushima-jinja

c) Meiji-jinja

3. When was the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima?

a) August 6, 1945

b) August 11, 1945

c) August 25, 1945

4. Which was the only historical place not destroyed by the bomb in Hiroshima?

a) Peace Memorial Park

b) Atomic Bomb Dome

c) Peace site

5. What is the annual mean temperature of Hiroshima?

a) 18

b) PX

c) QO

6. What is the principal product you could get in Hiroshima?

a) Saury

b) Coul fish

c) Oyster

7. Which sea does Hiroshima prefecture face to?

a) Inland sea

b) The sea of Japan

c) East China sea

8. Hiroshima's total area is the 11th biggest prefecture in Japan. Which prefecture is bigger than it?

a) Hokkaido prefecture

b) Okinawa prefecture

c) Nara prefecture

9. What kind of festival is held near Hiroshima Castle in early April?

a) Grand Spring Festival

b) Ebisu Festival

c) Flower festival

10. What does people of Hiroshima float on all rivers on August 6?

a) Paper crane

b) Paper lanterns

c) Flowers


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Created by Eri Nakano, Department of Economics, Aoyamagakuin University

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