Quiz of Hokkaido

Choose the correct answer.

1.The population of Hokkaido (569million)is as same as _______prefecture.

a) Okinawa

b) Akita

c) kanagawa

2.The area of Hokkaido(It is the second largest and northernmost of Japan's four main islands.) is _____Ku which is the largest in Japan.

a) 83,451Ku

b) 84,451Ku

c) 85,451Ku

3.Hokkaido faces with _______ Prefecture (It is the most northern prefecture on the main island of Honshu.)accross the sea.

a) Aomori

b) Akita

c) Iwate

4.Inhabited by the native Ainu people ,the island known as Ezo was largely ignored by the Japanese until the late ____th century.

a) 15

b) 19

c) 21

5.Lake ____is the largest lake in Hokkaido. The area is 151.7 Ku as 3800 times as Koshien stadium.

a) Saroma

b) Biwa

c) Shikotsu

6.The Sapporo _______Festival,one of Japan's largest winter events ,attracts a growing number of visitors from Japan and abroad every year.This Festival began in 1950.

a) Ice

b) Winter

c) Snow

7.From Tokyo, it's less than ______ hour by air to Sapporo ( Sapporo's major airport is the New Chitose Airport, about 30 Ku south of Sapporo. ) or Hakodate.

a) 1.5

b) 5.5

c) 10.5

8. A strange natural phenomenon -@balls of algae called _______rise in the morning and sink at night - can be see in the water of Lake Akan.

a) marumo

b) marimo

c) maremo

9.Hokkaido consists of a total of 212 characteristic municipalities including its capital,Sapporo ,which has a population of _______million.

a) 1.8

b) 2.8

c) 5.8

10. _______("important river flowing through a plain"in Ainu language)is the capital of Hokkaido and Japan's fifth largest city.

a) Sapporo

b) Nemuro

c) Otaru


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Created by Mika Nakagawa Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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