Hyogo prefecture Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The prefecture capital of Hyogo prefecture is ________.

a) Himeji-shi

b) Kakogawa-shi

c) Kobe-shi

2. Hyogo has the largest at@______production in Japan.

a) whiskey

b) wine

c) Japanese sake

3. The area of Hyogo prefecture which is the second largest after Osaka in Kinki is _________ku.

a) 8.4million

b) 7.4million

c) 6.4million

4. Since the Port of Kobe opened up to the world in ______, Hyogo has been the focal point of various forms of exchange with overseas countries.

a) 1834

b) 1878

c) 1868

5. Osamu Tezuka Memorial Museum is a memorial to appreciate Osamu Tezuka who grew up in______. It exhibits an enormous amount of his work , data and workroom.

a) Awaji

b) Himeji

c) Takarazuka

6. ________ in Kobe is one of the three major Chinatowns in Japan.

a) Nankin-machi

b) Shinchi-chukagai

c) Yokohama-chukagai

7. _______is a symbol of Kobe Port.@it is the 108m tower.

a) Landmark Tower

b) Marin Tower

c) Port Tower

8. Japan's National Treasure_______was designated as a World Heritage in 1983.

a) Azuchi Castle

b) Osaka Castle

c) Himeji Castle

9. _______which is between Honshu and Awaji Islands was completed in April 1998. It is 3,911m. This is the world's longest suspension bridge. It lits up at night, and is called "The Pearl Bridge".

a) Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

b) Shikama Seasid Bridge

c) Takarazuka Bridge

10. In _____1995, Kobe was hit by the Great Hanshin Earthquake, which destroyed tens of thousands of buildings and killed over 5000 people.

a) August

b) October

c) January


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