Kanagawa Prefecture Quiz                           

Choose the correct answer.

1. Capital city of Kanagawa prefecture is __________ which has developed into the international big city since the opening of a port in 1859.

a) Odawara

b) Kamakura

c) Yokohama

2.Total population of Kanagawa prefecture which is third largest city in Japan is about __________.

a) 8,082,000

b) 8,562,000

c) 8,282,000

3.Prefecturefs bird of Kanagawa is __________ which is called the true symbol of winter.

a) Gull

b) Pegion

c) Chicken

4. Kanagawa prefecture borders Tokyo prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture and __________ prefecture which is famous for Japanese tea.

a) Chiba

b) Saitama

c) Shizuoka

5. Where is the International Stadium Yokohama where the soccer World Cup finals were held in 2002?

a) Shin-Yokohama

b) Hiratsuka

c) Kawasaki

6.The city in China which is the sister city of Yokohama city is __________.

a) Beijing

b) Hong Kong

c) Shanghai

7.Area of Kanagawa Prefecture is __________.

a) 2,415.42 sq km

b) 2,615.42 sq km

c) 2,515.42 sq km

8. What is famous for NO.1 production of Kamakura in Japan?

a) Kamakura-Bori

b) Hato-Sabure

c) Hina-ninngyou

9.Where does The Southern All Stars very famous band from?

a) Hiratsuka

b) Cjigasaki

c) Yokohama

10.Hiratsuka city is famous for Tanabata Festival and __________.

a) Pachinko

b) Scuba diving

c) Firework

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