Kochi Prefecture Quiz

Choose the correct@answer.

1. QQQQ, the largest city on the Pacific coast, is the capital of Kochi Prefecture, especially known for its marine products, forestry and greenhouse culture of vegetables.

a) Tosa

b) Kochi

c) Takamatsu

2. Kochi is a located on the southern island of _________ in Japan.

a) Shikoku

b) Cyugoku

c) Cyubu

3. It has a population of QQQQQQ@and its population density is 116/u, making it one of Japan's most sparsely populated prefectures.

a) 410,937

b) 610,937

c) 810,237

4. Kochi prefecture borders Ehime and _____________.

a) Osaka

b) Tokushima

c) Kagawa

5.Kochi Prefecture has a land area of QQQQu making it the largest prefecture on Shikoku and the 17th largest prefecture in Japan

a) 7104

b) 8104

c) 9104

6._____________ born in Kochi in 1835, made a great contribution to Japan's rapid modernization which marked the end of 700 years of feudal government.

a) Sakamoto Ryoma

b) Saigou Takamori

c) Katsu Kaisyu

7. The average temperature of Kochi prefecture is ______ which is the same temperature as Kumamoto and is fifth hottest in Japan.

a) 23.4

b) 17.2

c) 8.9

8. Kochi is bordered on the north by the Shikoku Mountain Range and opens up its southern border into theQQQQQQQQQQ.

a) Pacific Ocean

b) Sea of Japan

c) Atlantic Ocean

9.QQQQQ which has been commonly used as a soup essence since the prohibition of eating meat ordered by the Emperor Shirakawa in the late 11th century in order to promote Buddhism in Japan was the major commercial item of Kochi.

a) Katsuobushi

b) ceramics

c) sake

10. QQQQQ@Matsuri began in 1954 as a festival for the health and prosperity of the people of Kochi as well as for the success of local agriculture and industry.

a) Gion

b) Yosakoi

c) Tanabata

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