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Choose the correct answer.

1.The capital of Kumamoto Prefecture is ______________.

a) Yatsushiro

b) Uto

c) Kumamoto

2.The total population of Kumamoto Prefecture is about 1.85 millions (the 22nd largest prefecture in Japan) and the total land area of this prefecture is about __________(the 15th biggest prefecture in Japan).

a) 100,000 sq Km

b) 75,000 sq Km

c) 50,000 sq Km

3.Kumamoto Prefecture boarders every prefectures in Kyusyu island and faces Shiranui Bay and _________ .

a) Wakasa Bay

b) Sagami Bay

c) Ariake Bay

4.Kumamoto Prefecture is located in ___________ of the Kyusyu island.

a) the north

b) the center

c) the south

5.Seventy percent of the land is ___________.

a) forested

b) farmed

c) reclaimed

6.The average annual temperature of Kumamoto Prefecture is about 17 (the 7th hottest prefecture in Japan) and this prefecture sometimes has a localized torrential downpour in ___________.

a) May

b) June

c) July

7. Kumamoto Castle was built by Kiyomasa Kato in ___________. (It is one of the three finest castles in Japan.)

a) 1500's

b) 1600's

c) 1700's

8. In Edo era, Kumamoto Prefecture was called ___________.

a) Hizen-no-kuni

b) Satsuma-no-kuni

c) Higo-no-kuni

9. Kumamoto Prefecture has been called the land of ___________.

a) Water

b) Fire

c) Forest

10. The magnificent crater of Mt.Aso is ______________ in the world.

a) the biggest

b) the highest

c) the lowest

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