Kyoto Prefecture Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The northern part faces _____ Bay in the Sea of Japan.

a) Wakasa

b) Tokyo

c) Koube

2. The prefecture has a total land area of _____sq km, which is the same as Wakayama Prefecture.

a) 5612

b) 4612

c) 3612

3. The prefecture's population is about _____million, which is the same as Niigata Prefecture.

a) 2.6

b) 4.6

c) 6.6

4. The population ranked _____th nationally.

a) 5

b) 8

c) 13

5. The population density of Kyoto prefecture is _____ people/sq km.

a) 553

b) 253

c) 153

6.The average annual temperature of Kyoto Prefecture is _____?Z, which is the same as Chiba Prefecture.

a) 15.3

b) 20.6

c) 22.3

7. The prefectural capital of Kyoto was a long-term capital city of Japan, with a _____-year history dating back to ancient time.

a) 500

b) 800

c) 1,200

8. The prefecture is also the location of the _____ Science City and its world-class research institutions.

a) Kansai

b) Kantou

c) Kyusyu

9. About _____? of the total land area is covered by the Tanba Highlands and other mountain areas.

a) 50

b) 60

c) 70

10. In Kyoto prefecture, agriculture has never been strong. The one exception is _____tea.

a) Uji

b) Anami

c) Anami

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