Choose the correct answer.

1. The population of Miyazaki Prefecture is about ______________ , and its population density is the lowest in the Kyushu region.

a) 1.2 million

b) 20 million

c) 0.7 million

2. Miyazaki Prefecture ranks as the second largest in the Kyushu region. The area of Miyazaki Prefecture is ____________ ku.

a) 0.77 million

b) 0.02 million

c) 1.54 million

3. The seat of prefecture goverment is the _________ city in Miyazaki Prefecture. The city is the site of the July 2000 Summit's Meeting of Foreign Ministers.

a) Miyakonojo

b) Nichinan

c) Miyazaki

4. The average temperature of Miyazaki Prefecture is ___________ . The prefecture ranks in the top three nationally in the annual number of clear days, number of hours of sunshine, and amount of precipitation.

a) 17.0

b) 10.0

c) 30.0

5. Miyazaki Prefecture is famous for following products: ___________, cucumbers and tomatoes.

a) apples

b) mushrooms

c) sweet potatoes

6. Delicious local dishes born here in Miyazaki are ___________ and chicken nanban.

a) Hiyajiru

b) Monjayaki

c) Ikameshi

7. _____________, a large-scale resort and convention facility possessing a variety of resort facilities, opened in 1994 attracting both domestic and international businessmen and vacationers.

a) Nihon Land

b) Kourakuen

c) Seagaia

8. ___________ of Miyazaki Prefecture, or approximately 600-thousand hectares is forest.

a) Half

b) Three-fourths

c) Two-sevenths

9. Miyazaki is called 'the land of the gods', and true to this name, there are many folk arts born out of religious customs like the ______________, a sacred song and dance.

a) Yokagura

b) Shishi-mai

c) Kabuki

10. ______________ born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1855. He was one of the representative foreign ministers of the Meiji Era who played a role in the modernization of Japan.

a) Jutaro Komura

b) Ryoma Sakamoto

c) Syoin Yoshida


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