Choose the correct answer.

1.The population of Niigata Prefecture is 2,456,350 as of 2003(The 14th largest prefecture in Japan). Niigata Prefecture has a total land area of _______.(The 5th largest prefecture in Japan)




2.The capital of Niigata Prefecture is _______.

a) NAGAOKA city

b) NIIGATA city


3.Niigata Prefecture is the place of production of _______ famous for Japan "KOSHIHIKARI."

a) bread

b) rice

c) wine

4. The bird of Niigata Prefecture is a crested _______, and this bird is a bird with a few very precious number in present Japan.

a) pheasant(kizi)

b) swallow(tsubame)

c) ibis(toki)

5.Niigata Prefecture is bordered the Sea of japan , Toyama Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture and _______.

a) Nagano Prefecture

b) Shizuoka Prefecture

c) Aichi Prefecture

6.The average annual precipitation is _______ as 1.2 times as Tokyo.

a) 859.4 milli

b) 1527.6 milli

c) 1775.8 milli

7.The average annual temperature of Niigata Prefecture is _______ as of 2000.(The 37th highest in Japan)

a) 14.3 Ž

b) 19.8 Ž

c) 22.1 Ž

8.A general famous for Niigata prefecture is _______ and he lived in the Kasuga-yama castle. In Edo era, Nigata Prefecture was called Echigo-no-kuni.

a) Kenshin Uesugi

b) Nobunaga Oda c) Ieyasu Toyotomi

9.The elderly population ratio of Niigata Prefecture is _______ as of 2003.(The 14th largest prefecture in Japan)

a) 8.4%


c) 20.1%

10.People-of-the-prefecture income per one person of Niigata Prefecture is _______ as of 2000.(The 20th largest prefecture in Japan)

a) 29,800,004,000yen

b) 30,000,003,000yen

c) 37,200,007,000yen

Niigata prefecture

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