Okayama Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Total population of Okayama prefecture is 1.95 million and ranked__________ of Japan's 47 prefecture's.

a) 5th

b) 15th

c) 21th

2. Total area of Okayama prefecture is 71 million square meter and ranked__________of Japan's 47 prefecture.

a) 10th

b) 17th

c) 20th

3. One of the most famous pottery styles in Japan, Bizen pottery (known as Bizen-yaki) has a history of over __________.

a) 500 years

b) 700 years

c) 1000 years

4. If Okayama is the land of fruits, then the__________is the king!

a) White Peach

b) Orange

c) Melon

5. Okayama was also the site where the first __________ were produced in Japan.

a) jeans

b) hat

c) necktie

6. Korakuen, walk-around style landscaped garden, is one of the __________ designated as a special place of scenic beauty in Japan.

a) three most beautiful gardens

b) five most beautiful gardens

c) ten most beautiful gardens

7. The Prime Minister from Okayama is__________.

a) Hashimoto Ryutaro

b) Obuchi Keizo

c) Koizumi Jyunichiro

8. The Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is located on the highest point among the remaining castles of Japan at__________high.

a) 200 meters

b) 350 meters

c) 430 meters

9. The Mizushima port facility is __________ in the nation for quantity of freight handled (8900 million tons in 1999).

a) first

b) fifth

c) seventh

10. Kurashiki Tivoli Park, modeled after Danish Tivoli Park in__________, is full of flowers greenry, and warter.

a) United Kingdom

b) Germany

c) Denmark

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