Osaka Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The population of Osaka (about 8million people) is the same as that of ______.

a) New York

b) London

c) Paris

2. Osaka is the _______-largest economic center.

a) third

b) fourth

c) second

3.Osaka prefecture occupies the western part of _______ region.

a) Touhoku

b) Kantou

c) Kinki

4.Together with ______, Nara, Kobe, and Osaka forms the Kansai metropolitan area.

a) Aichi

b) Saitama

c) Kyoto

5. The prefectural capital of Osaka is settled in ______.

a) Sakai city

b) Tondabayashi city

c) Osaka city

6. Today, _______ is still a center of theoretical arts. Kabuki experienced its dynamic development in this area.

a) Doutonbori

b) Shinsaibashi

c) Nanba

7.A dish that originated in Osaka and is now popular nationwide is ______.

a) monjayaki

b) takoyaki

c) ningyouyaki

8.Osaka is well known as "City of Kuidaore", which means ______.

a) eating to falling down

b) going to the movie

c) buying many clothes

9. _______ is the oldest temple of Osaka.

a) Shousouin

b) Miyagima

c) Shitennoji

10. Construction of Osaka castle was started in 1583 by _______.

a) Toyotomi Hideyoshi

b) Tokugawa Ieyasu

c) Oda Nobunaga

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