Shiga Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.The prefectural capital of Shiga Prefecture is __________.




2. The size of Lake Biwa is ______ of Shiga's total area.

P. 1/6

Q. 1/7

R. 1/5

3.The size of Lake Biwa is ______ square kilometers. It is larger than Awaji Island.

P. 720.45

Q. 670.33

R. 578.25

4. Lake Biwa is the ______ deepest lake in Japan.

P. 3rd

Q. 1st

R. 8th

5. Lake Biwa used to be called '______', but in the 17th century the name Lake Biwa was recorded.

P. Omi

Q. Shiga

R. Otsu

6.Lake Biwa is ______ kilometers around. It is@the same distance from Otsu to Hamamatsu on the Tokaido-Line.

P. 306.4

Q. 235.2

R. 453.8

7. The deepest point in Lake Biwa is ______ meters deep.

P. 104

Q. 78

R. 146

8. The ______ oldest Lake In the world, Lake Biwa is believed to be approximately 5 million years old.

P. 5th

Q. 16th

R. 3rd

9.The famous man of Shiga Prefecture is ______.

P. Nobunaga Oda

Q. Yoritomo Minamoto

R. Ieyasu Tokugawa

10. You can rent an office in Otsu City for only ______% of the cost of the Tokyo Metropolis and ______% of Osaka City prices.

P. 67-84

Q. 53-54

R. 85-107


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