Tottori Prefecture Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Although the area of Tottori Prefecture is 3507 square kilometers, there is the ___________ population in Japan.

a) largest

b) smallest

c) biggest

2. The population density of Tottori Prefecture is almost the same as that of __________.

a) Switzerland

b) America

c) Korea

3. The prefectural capital of Tottori Prefecture is __________.

a) Tottori city

b) Yonago city

c) Kobe city

4. To the north of the Prefecture lies the Japan Sea, to the east lies _________ Prefecture.

a) Aichi

b) Hyogo

c) Simane

5. Tottori Prefecture is famous for the 20th century _______.

a) apple

b) pear

c) orange

6. The best tourist spot of Tottori Prefecture is _________.

a) sandhill

b) mountain

c) sea

7. The Origin of the name "Tottori" is "tottoribe"(people who catch __________for work).

a) fishes

b) incects

c) birds

8. _________ is an old tradition opened on March 3 every year.

a) Nagashibina

b) Nagashibune

c) Hanabi

9.The South American country _______, taking part in the World Cup, set camp definitively in Tottori Prefecture.

a) Ecuador

b) America

c) Belgium

10. _________, who is famous for cartoonist of monster , is born in Tottori Prefecture.

a) Hayao Miyazaki

b) Takeshi Kitano

c) Shigelu Mizuki


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