Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Toyama prefecture is ______ city.

a) Toyama

b) Takaoka

c) Shinminato

2. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Toyama has fertile plains on its center and faces the Sea of Japan in the ________.


b) west

c) north

3. Toyama Prefecture is situated on the Japan Sea side of central Honshu between Ishikawa, Niigata, Gifu, ______ and Nagano.

a) Shiga

b) Fukui

c) Mie

4. Ranges of mountains soaring 3,000 meters above sea level are known as gJapanfs Rooftoph or the Northern Alps of Japan.

a) Northern

b) Southern

c) Western

5. The population of Toyama prefecture is 1.13 million. And the area of Toyama prefecture is ______ ku.

a) 4,246

b) 6,246

c) 8,246

6.The average annual temperature is ______ (20`26 in the summer and 2`3 in the winter).

a) 10.5

b) 13.5

c) 16.5

7.The average annual precipitation is 2,296 mm. Toyamafs precipitation is among the highest in the country due to the ______ in winter.

a) rain

b) snowfall

c) hail

8.The ________ business spread throughout the country during the Edo period.

a) flower

b) copper

c) medicine

9.Toyama produces local specialties that it is proud to market all over the country such as _________, high-quality rice famous across Japan, tulips (Toyamafs prefectural flower), yellowtails, firefly squid, and other fresh fish and shellfish.

a) Sasanishiki

b) Koshihikari

c) Hitomebore

10.Toyama prefecture boasts ________ Canyon, Japanfs most representative V-shaped canyon.

a) Sakuma

b) Naruto

c) Kurobe

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