Yamagata Prefecture Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Yamagata Prefecture is a thinly populated prefecture in Japan. Which prefecture is less populated than Yamagata Prefecture ?

a) Osaka Prefecture

b) Yamaguchi Prefecture

c) Akita Prefecture

2. What is the capital of Yamagata Prefecture ?

a) Mogami City

b) Yonezawa City

c) Yamagata City

3. Which prefecture is about the same size as Yamagata Prefecture ?

a) Kagaoshima Prefecture

b) Kanagawa Prefecture

c) Akita Prefecture

4. What was called Yamagata Prefecture in 18th century ?

a) Dewa Country

b) Echizen Country

c) Oumi Country

5. Which prefectures border Yamagata Prefecture ?

a) Fukushima Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture

b) Fukushima Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture

c) Fukushima Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture

6. Which is a folk song of Yamagata Prefecture ?

a) Yagi-Bushi

b) Soran-Bushi

c) Hanagasa-Ondo

7. Which pear is a special product of Yamagata Prefecture ?

a) "20th Century"

b) "La France"

c) "Kousui"

8. There is a Yamadera Temple in Yamagata City. This temple is concerned with a certain person. Who is he ?

a) Bashou Matsuo

b) Issa Kobayashi

c) Tansou Hirose

9. In Yamagata Prefecture, there are many spas. What is the rate of communities having spas ?

a) 80%

b) 90%

c) 100%

10. Which ski slope is in Yamagata Prefecture ? There is a spa near the ski slope.

a) Zaou

b) Yuzawa

c) Shiga Highland


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Created by Kyoko Matsuda, Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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