Yamaguchi Trivia1

Choose the correct answer.

1. The population of Yamaguchi Prefecture is around ______________.

a) 1,500,000

b) 600,000

c) 5,000,000

2. The capital of Yamaguchi Prefecture is ______________ city located in the center of the prefecture.

a) Yamaguchi

b) Shimonoseki

c) Iwakuni

3.Yamaguchi Prefecture is on the ______________ end of the main island of Honshu.

a) north

b) west

c) east

4. The town of Yamaguchi was founded early in the ______________ era in the middle of 14th centyry.

a) Nara

b) Muromachi

c) Kamakura

5. Yamaguchi city was called " ______________ of the West" and competed in prestige with Kyoto.

a) Tokyo

b) Kyoto

c) Kobe

6.The present area of Yamaguchi Prefecture is ______________ hectare (As of March 2003).

a) 90,000

b) 611,000

c) 1,038,000

7. Under the Karst tableland of Akiyoshidai spread Japan's largest ______________ caves, Akiyoshido.

a) basalt

b) limestone

c) andesite

8. Eighty percent of Japan's total ______________ is brought and sold in Shimonoseki.

a) bream

b) globe fish

c) octopus

9.Sato Eisaku who came from Tabuse town was the 61st, 62nd and 63rd Prime Minister and received ______________ in 1974.

a) the Nobel Peace Prize

b) the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

c) the Nobel Prize in Physics

10. ______________ who came from Yamato town served as the first Prime Minister. He was assassinated by An Chung-gn, in Harbin, Manchuria, in 1909.

a) Ito Hirobumi

b) Yamagata Aritomo

c) Terauchi Masatake



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