Korea Trivia2

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of South Korea is ______________.

a) Inchon

b) Kunsan

c) Seoul

2.Korea lies in the ______________ eastern part of the Asian continent.

a) south

b) west

c) north

3.Summer lasts from _____________ to early September, It is a hot and humid time of the year.

a) July

b) March

c) April

4.The climate of Korea is characterized by _____________ distinct seasons.

a) 4

b) 2

c) 3

5. Speciality in South Korea are ______________.

a) lacqure ware

b) ice art

c) purple crystals

6. Archaeological findings have indicated that the first settlements on the Korean Peninsula occurred _____________ years ago.

a) 500,000

b) 200,000

c) 700,000

7.Korean massage is famous for ______________ .

a) scurf cleaning

b) sliming down

c) breasts bigger

8. The Korean alphabet is ______________.

a) Hiragana

b) Katakana

c) Hangul

9. The name of popular fish's eggs in South Korea is______________. This is as popular as Hakata in Japan.

a) caplin

b) salmon roe

c) mentaiko

10.The popular movie's name in South Korea is " ______________ girl".

a) bizarre

b) gentle

c) pleasant


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