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Great Socialist Peoplefs Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The color of the national flag of Libya is ______________.

a) Red

b) Green

c) Blue

2. The majority of the land in the country is a______________.

a) desert

b) forest

c) mountainous district

3. The largest city in Libya is______________.

a) Chad

b) Silt

c) Tripoli

4. Libya is located in the ______________in Africa.

a) Southern part

b) Northern part

c) East part

5. Libya is ______________ bigger than the Japanese area.

a) 5.5times

b) 3.5times

c) 4.5 times

6. Libya became independent of ______________in 1951.

a) France

b) Italy

c) Germany

7. The population of Libya is ______________ million people.

a) about 5.40

b) about8.60

c) about3.80

8. The official language of Libya is ________________language.

a) French

b) Arabian

c) Spanish

9. The religion of Libya is_______________.

a) Islam Sunni faction

b) Christianity

c) Hinduism

10.The capital of Libya is______________.

a) Silt

b) Tripoli

c) Chad


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Takuya Matsumoto & Naoya Manabe