Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Choose the correct answer.

1. The area of Luxembourg is 2,586 ku which is as large as _____________.

a) Kanagawa Prefecture

b) Yamanashi Prefecture

c) Chiba Prefecture

2. Rainy season of Luxembourg is ________________.

a) February

b) August

c) November

3.The capital of Luxembourg is _________.

a) Luxembourg

b) Diekirch

c) Kneiff

4. The currency of Luxembourg is __________.

a) Dollar

b) Ruble

c) Euro

5. The main religion of Luxembourg is ____________.

a) Judaism

b) Catholicism

c) Protestantism

6.The climate of Luxembourg is __________.

a) tropical climate

b) temperate climate

c) tundra climate

7.There is/are ______ university/universites in Luxembourg.

a) one

b) two

c) three

8. Luxembourg City is called_____________.

a) 'Fantasy in the North'

b) 'Gibraltar in the North'

c) 'Paradise in the North'

9.The time difference between Luxembourg and Japan is _____________.

a) six hours

b) seven hours

c) eight hours

10. _____________flows to the border between Luxembourg and Germany.

a) The Moselle river

b) The Rhine river

c) The Fulda river




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