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Madagascar Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.Madagascar is _______________ of the Japanese area.

a) 1.5times

b) 2.0times

c) 5.0times

2. The population of Madagascar is __________ million people.

a) 15.0

b) 17.5

c) 20.0

3.The official language of Madagascar is Madagascan and ________________language.

a) French

b) Spanish

c) Germany

P>4.The religion of Madagascar is _________________.

a) Islam Sunni faction

b) Christianity

c) Hinduism

P>5.The capital of Madagascar is_____________.

a) Antananarivo

b) Toriara

c) Antsiranana

P>6.The color of the national flag of Madagascar is@red,white and _______.

a) Blue

b) Yellow

c) Greet

P>7.Madagascar became independent of _________________in 1960.

a) Frence

b) Itary

c) Spain

P>8.The largest city in Madagascar is _____________.

a) Antananarivo

b) Antsiranana

c) Toriara

P>9.Madagascar is located is _______in@Africa.

a) Southeast

b) Northeast

c) Southwest

P>10.There is _____________ World Heritage in Madagascar.

a) Two

b) Three

c) five


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