Maldives Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.The formal name of Maldives is Republic of Maldives and the capital is ______________ D

a) Maro

b) Mali

c) Male

2. The land area of Maldives is______________ and the population of Maldives is______________D

a) 100km2 / 100,000

b) 300 km2/300,000

c) 500km2/ 500,000

3.The Maldives is located in the south of ______________ .

a) India and Sri Lankan southwest

b) Mali northwest

c) Thai southeast

4.Maldives consists of ______________ islands.

a) 1200

b) 503

c) 3490

5. The number of resort islands is______________ .

a) 38

b) 87

c) 381

6.______________ people visit Maldives a year.

a) More than 50,000

b) More than 500,000

c) More than 1 million

7.The language people speak in Maldives is ______________ D

a) Divehi

b) Giru

c) Male

8. The most popular sport in Maldives is______________ .

a) soccer

b) baseball

c) badminton

9.Maldives became independent from the United Kingdom on July 26 ______________.

a) 1955

b) 1965

c) 1975

10.Maldives means ______________ in Sanskrit.

a) garland of island

b) island and the sea

c) blessing of island


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