Mexico Trivia 1

Choose the correct answer.

1.Mexico became an independent country in _____.

a) 19 century

b) 20 century

c) 13 century

2. Small homes ,narrow streets ,and a central plaza are futures of _____.

a) Mexican homes

b) Mexican cities

c) Mexican villages

3.The largest urban area in the world is _____.

a) Monterry

b) Acapulco

c) Mexico city

4. Mexico's most popular sport is _____.

a) volleyball

b) basketball

c) soccer

5. Mexico's form of gorvement is _____.

a) a communist

b) a dictatorship

c) a federal republic

6.Mexico City faces serious air pollution from _____.

a) nuclear energy

b) forest fires

c) smog

7. Mexico was called " land of the shaking Earth" by the _____.

a) Maya

b) Spanish

c) Aztec

8. Mexico's mountain ranges three _____.

a) economic regions

b) latitudes

c) altitude zones

9.In 1992 Mexico, Canada, and the United states signed atrade agreement called _____.


b) AIM


10. Today, the religion of most Mexicans is _____.

a) Islam

b) Protestantism

c) Roman Catholicism


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Created by Ayumi Kanda, Aoyama Gakuin University

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