Choose the correct answer.

1)The Moroccan population is () . and the area is about () km.

a) 20 million, 600,000

b) 30 million, 400,000

c) 40 million, 500,000

2)Morocco rises in desert, and there is a hot impression, However Actually, July is cool with about () degrees Celsius about () degrees Celsius temperature of January.

a) 12 degrees, 22 degrees

b) 14 degrees, 24 degrees

c) 16 degrees, 26 degrees

3)The Moroccan capital is ().

a) Rabat

b) Marrakech

c) Casablanca

4)There are () world heritages in the Kingdom of Morocco.

a) eight 

b) nine

c) seven

5) ()of the sports that are famous in the world is prosperous in Morocco.

a) baseball

b) bascketball

c) soccer

6)A name called Morocco means ().

a) The kingdom of the dying ground of the day

b) A kingdom of the water facing two seas

c) A kingdom of light loved in a solar blessing

7)The Moroccan currency is ().

a) Krone

b) Feh lint

c) A dirham

8) The Moroccan religion is ().

a) Hinduism

b) Islam

c) Christianity

9) The Moroccan language is ().

a) German

b) Urdu

c) Arabic

10)The Moroccan political system is ().

a) A totalitarian regime

b) The authoritarianism system

c) The democratic system

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Kingdom of Morocco

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