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Myanmar Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The@official name is ______________.

a) a Myanmar republic

b) the Union of Myanmar

c) a Myanmar empire

2. The language used in Myanmar is ______________.

a) Swahili

b) Burmese

c) Thai

3.The capital of Myanmar is@______________.

a) Naypyidaw

b) Kathmandu

c) Yangon

4.The religion that is believed most in Myanmar is______________.

a) Isuramu

b) Theravada Buddhism

c) Christianity

5.Major ethnic group is ______________.

a) Bamar

b) Shan

c) Hmong

6. The main industry of Myanmar is ______________.

a) Mining

b) Agriculture

c) Fishery

7. The Myanmar currency is ______________.

a) Net

b) Web

c) Kyat

8. The population of Myanmar is about _____________ times that of Japan as of 2006.

a) 0.4

b) 1.4

c) 2.4

9. The Myanmar area is about ______________times of that of Japan.

a) 0.8

b) 1.8

c) 2.8

10. ______________ is a movie that was filmed in Myanmar.

a) Rocky

b) Forst Blood

c) Indiana Jones



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Ken Nagano and Kazunori Nozawa

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