New Zealand Trivia‚P

Choose the correct answer.

1.What is the population of New Zealand ?

a) 2,674,023

b) 3,908,037

c) 4,598,395

2.New Zealandfs highest mountain is 3754 metres high. What is the name of this mountain?

a) Mount Ruapehu

b) Mount Taranaki

c) Mount Cook (Aoraki)

3.New Zealand was once part of a super-continent. What was the name of the continent?

a) Gondwana

b) Africa

c) Eurasia

4.New Zealandfs longest river is 425 kilometres long. What is the name of this river?

a) Ganges

b) Buller

c) Waikato

5.The highest point in the North Island of New Zealand is at the top of a volcano. What is the name of the volcano?

a) Mount Taranaki

b) Mount Ruapehu

c) Mount Tarawera

6.Approximately 900 kilometres north-east of New Zealand there is a group of islands. These islands are part of New Zealand, what are they called?

a) Kermadec Islands

b) Garapagos Islands

c) Auckland Islands

7.What is the name of New Zealandfs first national park?

a) Paparoa

b) Tongariro

c) Mount Cook

8.What is the name of New Zealandfs deepest lake?

a) Taupo

b) Biwa

c) Hauroko

9.606 kilometres square, is the size of New Zealandfs largest lake. What is the name of this lake?

a) Tekapo

b) Taupo

c) Rotorua

10.Which of these places is furthest north of the south island?

a) Abel Tasman National Park

b) Wellington

c) Arthur's Pass National Park


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