The Kingdom of Norway Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of the Kingdom of Norway is ______________.

a) Skopje

b) Brussels

c) Oslo

2. The country area of Norway is almost the same as ______________ .

a) India

b) Korea

c) Japan

3.Norway shares its borders with ______________ neighboring countries .

a) 2(Germany/France)

b) 3(Sweden/Finland/Russia)

c) 4(Germany/England/Spain/Italy)

4.There is _______ company which created web browser @'Opera' @ in the Kingdom of Norway.

a) Microsoft

b) Apple

c) Opera

5.Oil export of Norway is the ______________ in the world.

a) most

b) second most

c) third most

6.In 1880, ______________ who is a doctor of medicine found Hansenfs disease.

a) Armauer Hansen

b) Joachim Hansen

c) Stan Hansen

7. Harald Blatatand unified Norway in the ______________ th century.

a) 9

b) 10

c) 11

8.Norway has _________ fylkers(prefectures).


b) 20

c) 21

9.Does Norway join Europian Union ?

a) Yes

b) No

10. In the northern Norway,@the sun does not appear for ______________ month(s) in winter.

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3



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