Panama Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.What Japanese area is equal to the Panamanian area?

a) Wakayama Prefecture

b) Hokkaido

c) Nagano Prefecture

2._______ is a country adjacent to Panama.

a) Mexico

b) Ecuador

c) Costa Rica

3.A popular liquor in the countryside is made from _______.

a) corn

b) wheat

c) gasoline

4.The Panamanian annual precipitation is _______.

a) 1,000mm~2,000mm

b) 2,000mm~3,000mm

c) 3,000mm~4,000mm

5.The length of Panama Canal is _______.

a) 40km

b) 60km

c) 80km

6.Panama is a colony of_______ in 1500fs.


b)The United Kingdom

c) France

7.The tallest ship that can pass Panama Canal is _______.

a) Panamax

b) Panamabig

c) Greatpanama

8._______ has controlled Panama Canal from 1914 to 1999.

a) Spain

b) The United States

c) France

9.How much is the average toll per ship of Panama Canal now?

a)37,000 dollars

b) 48,000 dollars

c) 54,000 dollars

10.How much is the toll when you pass by Panama Canal by swimming now?

a) Less than 1 dollar

b) 2 dollars

c) More than 3 dollars


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