Philippines Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of the Republic of the Philippines is ______.

a) Manila

b) Kuala Lumpur

c) Wellington

2. The Republic of the Philippines constitutes an archipelago of ______ islands.

a) 7109

b) 11590

c) 237

3. The Republic of the Philippines is the only ______ country of Asia.

a) Buddhist

b) Christian

c) Islamic

4. ______ is the Philippine national sport.

a) Indiaca

b) Basketball

c) Eskrima

5. The Philippines was a colony in ______.

a) the US

b) the UK

c) Spain

6. Filipinos usually take the meal with a ______ and a fork.

a) hand

b) spoon

c) knife

7. "______" is the national anthem of the Philippines.

a) "The dearest ground"

b) "The dearest song"

c) "Dearest people"

8. The typical Philippine national dish is ______.

a) Adobo

b) Asado

c) Abodo

9. Philippine national hero Jose re-Sarh is a ______, author, and a paitner.

a) teacher

b) martial artist

c) doctor

10. The World Heritage Site of the Philippines is ______.

a) Pompeii

b) the Historic Town of Vigan

c) Moai


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