Portugal Quiz

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(1) Which is the most popular sport in Portugal?




(2) Which is the highest point in mainland Portugal?

P. Serra da Lousa

Q. Pico

R. Serra da Estrela

(3) Which is the largest Portuguese river?

P. Guadiana

Q. Tejo

R. Mondego

(4) What is the population of Portugal?

P. 10 million

Q. 20 million

R. 15 million

(5) Which are the two cities from which the name Portugal originated?

P. Lisbon and Almada

Q. Faro and Silves

R. Porto and Gaia

(6) Which one of these cities is World Heritage?

P. Braga

Q. Angra Heroismo

R. Lisbon

(7) Which country does Portugal have borders with?

P. France

Q. Spain

R. Morocco

(8) Portugal has a geometrical shape. What does this country look like?

P. triangle

Q. square

R. rectangle

(9) What is the most famous wine from Portugal?

P. Pink wine

Q. Red wine

R. Port Wine

(10) Which is the highest city of Portugal?

P. Guarda

Q. Porto

R. Viseu



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