Republic of San Marino Quiz

Republic of San Marino Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. What is the official language used in Republic of San Marino?

a) San Marino

b) Italian

c) German

2. What is the population of San Marino?

a) 300,000

b) 30,000

c) 3,000

3. The population density is ______________ Japan.

a) higher than

b) lower than

c) the same as

4. This country is established in A.D. 301 and the ______________ republic in the world.

a) oldest

b) second oldest

c) newest

5. What are the main crop?

a) apples

b) bananas

c) grapes

6. What is the main religion?

a) Islam

b) Catholicism

c) Protestantism

7. What currency was used before Euro is introduced?

a) San Marino lira

b) Mark

c) Pound

8. Sightseeing and ______________ are two major industries.

a) Wine

b) Stamp

c) Marble

9. Man's average life span is the ______________ in the world.

a) longest

b) second longest

c) shortest

10. The ______________ became the model of movie of "Cagliostro's castle" in a series of " the Lupin the third ".

a) Holstein

b) Varestein

c) Nurblc


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