Senegal Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Senegal is a country south of the Senegal River in ______________.

a) Western Africa

b) South Africa

c) North Africa

2. Senegal borders with Mali and __________________ .

a) Sudan

b) Paris

c) Guinea

3.The capital of Senegal is ______________

a) Canberra

b) Daker

c) Tokyo

4. The official name of Senegal is __________.

a) Senegal Federal

b) The United States of Senegal

c) Republic of Senegal

5. The official language of Senegal is ______________

a) English

b) French

c) Italian

6.The population of Senegal is about ______________ as of 2007.

a) 12.2 millions

b) 9 hundred thousands

c) 8 hundreds

7. The staple food of Senegal is ______________.

a) potatoes

b) bread

c) rice

8. The major religion of Senegal is ______________

a) Buddhism

b) Hinduism

c) Islam

9.The currency of Senegal is _____________

a) CFA Franc

b) Dollar

c) Yen

10. Senegal became independent of ______________ in 1960.

a) Germany

b) Japan

c) France


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