Choose the correct answer.

1. The official name of Singapore is ________.

a) the Singapore Republic

b) the kingdom of Singapore

c) the Federation of Singapore

2. Singapore has a population of four and half millions and the area is 699 square kilometers, which is the same as ________.(as of 2006)

a) Tokyo

b) Kagawa

c) Osaka

3. The official language spoken in Singapore is ________.

a) Japanese

b) English

c) German

4. The time difference between Japan and Singapore is ________.(JST=Japan Standard Time)

a) JST-one hour

b) JST-two hours

c) JST-three hours

5. The capital of Singapore is ________.

a) Singapore

b) Manada

c) Paru

6. The climatic zone in Singapore is ________.

a) desert

b) tropical rain forest

c) mediterranean

7. The major ethnic group in Singapore is ________.

a) Chinese

b) Malay

c) Indian

8. Singapore means ________ in Sanskrit.

a) a town of economy

b) the capital of water

c) the town of lion

9. It is prohibited to carry a lot of ________ into Singapore.

a) chewing gum

b) glass

c) potato chip

10. Singapore became independent from ________ on August 9, ________.

a) the U.S.A / 1958

b) the Federation of Malaysia / 1965

c) the UK / 1978

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