Slovenia Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Slovenia is ___________.

a) Babylon

b) Ljubljana

c) Mecca

2. The official language of Slovenia is ___________.

a) Slovenskijezik

b) Algonquian

c) Aramaic

3. The currency unit of Slovenija is ___________.

a) Peso

b) Dollar

c) Tran

4. The reliesion that people in Slovenija mainly believe is __________.

a) Roman Catholic

b) Buddhist

c) Christian

5. Slovenija became independent of Yugoslavia in ____________.

a) 1989

b) 1979

c) 1970

6. The nature heritage of Slovenija which was registered at Unesco is ________.

a) Skocjan Caves

b) henderson Island

c) Isole Eolie

7. The president of Slovenija during 2007 and 2008 is ________.

a) Bush

b) Danilo Turk

c) Arafat

8. The city of Portoroz is famous for ________.

a) Horse racing

b) Casinos

c) Motor boat race

9.In the early 19th century, Slovenija was governed by ________.

a) Napoleon Bonaparte

b) Francisco Xavier

c) Hideyoshi Toyotomi

10.The international trading port of Slovenija is ________.

a) Maribor

b) Kopar

c) Pyla


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