Solomon Trivia 1

Choose the correct answer.

1.The formal name is _______.

a) Solomon Land

b) Solomon Island

c) Solomon Islands

2. The capital of Solomon Islands is ________.

a) Honimara

b) Honiara

c) Maniara

3.The main language is _______.

a) French

b) English

c) German

4.The national flag of Solomon Islands descrides blue sea, green land and yellow _______.

a) a sword

b) sunlight

c) the equator

5.The area of Solomon Islands is about _________ square kilomerters, and nearly 4/5 times smaller than Taiwan.

a) 39000

b) 31000

c) 28000

6.Solomon Islands has __________ world heritage site(s) as of 2008.

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

7.Solomon Islands' main ethnic group is ____________.

a) Melanesians

b) Polynesians

c) Micronesians

8.The disaster _______ happened on April 2,2007.

a) typhoon

b) tidal wave

c) forest fire

9.Albaroe Menda Nya deneira discovered ________ in 1585.

a) oil

b) castle ruins

c) gold dust

10.The population of Solomon Islands is about _______ as of July 2008,and nearly 5/6 times fewer than Bhutan.

a) 581,000

b) 483,000

c) 353,000

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created by Akira Yamazaki and Kengo Yoneda

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