Spain Quiz -Geography-                           

Choose the correct answer.

1. What is the capital of Spain?

a) Cadiz

b) Barcelona

c) Madrid

2. You are eating a mixture of rice, fish, meat and seafood. What is it?

a) Risotto

b) Paella

c) Callos

3. You land in Barajas. Where in Spain are you?

a) Madrid

b) Tenerife

c) Las Palmas

4. What is the name of the mountains which run through the north coast of Majorca?

a) Formentor

b) Banyas Arabi

c) Trumuntana

5. Which celebrity established the Costa du Nord Cultural Centre?

a) Michael Douglas

b) Elton John

c) Claudia Schiffer

6 How large is the land area of Majorca?

a) 307 square miles

b) 266 square miles

c) 1,420 square miles

7. What is Spain's official currency?

a) Euro

b) Escudo

c) Peseta

8. Where are the Canary Islands situated?

a) Atlantic Ocean

b) Pacific Ocean

c) Carribean

9. Which of these is a Spanish Island?

a) Sicilia

b) El Hierro

c) Corsica

10. How many states are there in Spain?

a) 15

b) 16

c) 17



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