Sri Lanka Trivia

Choose the correct answer.

1. The Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka comprises one large island and several islets, lying east of the southern tip of the ______________.

a) Indian subcontinent

b) African continet

c) Australia

2. On the scale of a world map, Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon appears to hang like a tiny __________ over the Indian Ocean.

a) star

b) teardrop

c) spade

3. From north to south it has a maximum length of 435km (270miles) and at its widest point it measures 225 km (140 miles), giving it a land area of _________ sq. km (25,300 sq. miles), the 0.8 times as large as Japanese prefecture Hokkaido.

a) 65,607

b) 85,607

c) 1,085,607

4. Ceylon became independent from the __________ in 1948 and was renamed in 1972 into Sri Lanka.

a) Portugal

b) Holland

c) The United Kingdom

5.Sri Lanka has a population of approximately ___________,the same as Delhi in the Indian capital.

a) 2,000,000

b) 20,000,000

c) 200,000,000

6. Although Sri Lanka is a multi-religious country, __________ constitutes the majority with 69.3%.

a) Buddhists

b) Hindus

c) Muslims

7. __________ and Tamil are official languages in Sri Lanka. __________, a language of Indo-Aryan origin is the language of the majority. English is widely spoken and understood. Place names and sign-boards on buses and trains are usually in all three languages.

a) Urdu

b) Hindi

c) Sinhara

8. The Administrative Capital of Sri Lanka since 1982 is ___________ and was in the 1st century the capital of the then most powerful of the several kingdoms of Sri Lanka.

a) Kandy

b) Colombo

c) Sri Jayawardenepura [Kotte]

9. Sri Lanka is home to world-famous ___________. In a country where many people enjoy __________ throughout the day - after waking, in the afternoon, after dinner and so on - preparing ___________ for the family is mostly done by the housewife.

a) Ceylon coffee

b) Ceylon tea

c) Ceylon orange

10. Sri Lanka is also a major exporter of __________.The sapphire from Sri Lanka of the engagement ring with which Prince Charles also presented Princess Diana now is famous.

a) gold mine

b) gold dust

c) jewelry



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