Sweden Quiz1

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Sweden is ________.

a) Rome

b) Madrid

c) Stockholm

2. Sweden borders on Finland and _______.

a) Norway

b) France

c) United Kingdom

3. The main religion in Sweden is ________.

a) Islam

b) Christianity

c) Buddhism

4. Sweden became a member of ________ in 1995.



c) EU

5. The greatest partner of Sweden for trade is ________.

a) United States

b) Germany

c) France

6. Sweden has the most female ________ in the world@(as of 2003).

a) candidates for Parliament

b) ministers

c) parliamentarians

7. The ratio of _________ in Sweden is the lowest in the world.

a) birth

b) marriage

c) population growth

8. The percentage of military expenditure to GDP in Sweden is ________.

a) 2.1

b) 10.5

c) 20.8

9. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and so is _________.

a) United Kingdom

b) United States

c) Germany

10. The unemployment rate of Sweden (about 4%) is the same as ________.

a)half time as that of Russia

b)that of Japan

c)two times as that of Taiwan


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Created by Misako Hashimoto, Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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