Switzerland Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Switherland is __________ .

a) Bern

b) Geneva

c) Zurich

2. Switherland has about __________ people. (The 18th largest population in Europe.)

a) 70,000,000

b) 1,000,000

c) 70,000,000

3. Switherland has an area of about __________ . (The 12th biggest country in Japan.) (Swiss Confederation is almost about the same as Kyushu.)

a) 32,000 Ku

b) 42,000 Ku

c) 52,000 Ku

4. __________ is the highest peak of the Alps and altitude is 4807m. Alps is covered by perpetual snow and many glaciers move. ( __________ means ?ea white mountain?f.)

a) Mont Blanc

b) Monte Rosa

c) Matter horn

5.Switherland is the federal republic which consists of __________ states, and the autonomy of each states(Kanto) is powerful.

a) 21

b) 23

c) 25

6.In 1815, the great world powers confirmed that Switzerland is a permanently neutral country at __________ Conference in international law.

a) Wien?@

b) Paris

c) Rome

7. The Switherland flag and the Red Cross Emblem The International Red Cross Society (It is general term of the International Committee of the Red Cross, International Red Cross league, and the Red Cross of each country.) was advocated by __________ , and established in 1928. The headquarters of the International Red Cross is Geneva. In the Islamic area, it is called the Red Crescent.

a) Florence?@Nightingale

b) Jean Henri Dunant

c) Mother Teresa

8. __________ is the wind dried and hot which is blown down from mountain district in the Alps district.

a) Blizzard

b) Foehn

c) Scirocco

9. The official languages of Switherland are __________ , and Romansh words.?@

a) French, Italian, Spanish

b) German, French, Italian

c) German, French, English

10. __________ is the city of southwest part of the Switzerland which commands Lake Leman, there are many international organizations.

a) Geneva

b) New York

c) Tokyo



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