Thailand Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.The capital of Thailand is@_____.

a) Bangkok

b) Seoul

c) Laos

2.Thailand is divided into _____ prefectures.

a) 65

b) 75

c) 85

3. The population of Thailand is about _____ times as large as that of Japan.

a) 1/2

b) 1/3

c) 1/4

4. A white part of the national flag of Thailand shows the _______.

a) country

b) army

c) Buddhism

5.The currency of Thailand is ________.

a) euro

b) dollar

c) baht

6.The religion of Thailand is _________.

a) Buddhism

b) Hindusim

c) Mohammedanism

7. _______ is in Thailand.

a) Samui-island

b) Bali-island

c) Hindu-island

8.The famous sports of Thailand is______.

a) Muay Thai

b) Boxing

c) Karate

9. The official language of Thailand is ________.

a) Thai

b) Chinese

c) Hindu

10.The famous food of Thailand is ______.

a) Tomuyancn

b) Goryarchamplu

c) Napolitain


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