Trinidad and Tobago Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Trinidad is located on which body of water?

a) The Caribbean Sea

b) The Caspian Sea

c) The Arabian Sea

2.What Trinidad bird sleep in caves during the day and leaves at dusk in noisy flocks to look for food?

a) firebird

b) waterbird

c) oilbird

3.Which country occupied Trinidad from 1532 to 1797?

a) Spain

b) France

c) the United Kingdom

4.Trinidad is located north of which country?

a) Brazil

b) Cuba

c) Venezuela

5.When does Carnival take place in Trinidad?

a) every season

b) every month

c) every week

6.In what year did Columbus discover Trinidad?

a) 1498

b) 1797

c) 1532

7.Trinidadians call ______ "surgeon."

a) mouse

b) eagle

c) bat

8. How many people died during the attempt to overthrow the Trinidad and Tobago government in 1990?

a) 23

b) 57

c) 126

9.What is Red House in Trinidad?

a) Antilles Building

b) Port of Building

c) Parliament Building

10.On Tuesday, July 31, 1498 Christopher Columbus gave the name Trinidad to an island he had seen for the first time. What was its name before then?

a) Kairi

b) Storo

c) Amen


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Created by Hiroko Nakano.Mizuho Hasegawa