Turkey Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.The area of Turkey is ______________km,and the population is _______________as of 2008.

a) about 28 thousand / about 30 millons

b) about 78 thousand / about 70 millons

c) about 1 millon/ about 100 millons

2.The capital of Turkey is ______________ .

a) Ankara

b) London

c) Berlin

3.The currency of Turkey is ______________ .

a) New Turkish Lira

b) Euro

c) US Dollar

4. Unemployment ratio is ______________ in 2007.

a) 7.9

b) 8.9

c) 9.9

T.The official language of Turkey is ______________ .

a) English

b) Turkish

c) Portuguese

6. Major religion of Turkey is ______________ .

a) Hinduism

b) Christianity

c) Islam

7.Kebafu is cooked by ______________ and ______________ .

a) horse meat/ beef

b) beef/ pork

c) mutton/ chicken

8. Turkish national game is ______________.

a) oil wrestling

b) baseball

c) tennis

9.Turkey faces the ______________ and the _____________.

a) Pacific / Atlantic

b) Black sea / Mediterranean sea

c) Pacific / Indian Ocean

10.Anatolia was subdued by ______________in the 4th century B.C. .

a) Aleksandros V Megas

b) Napoleon

c) Adolf Hitler



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